Our Mission

The Artists Group of Charlestown is a non-profit organization created to support emerging artists and to promote high quality cultural programming for the local community.

Our history

History of the Artists Group of Charlestown and
and Development of the StoveFactory

From 1987 until 2004 the Charlestown Preservation Society held the “Charlestown Artist Exhibition” for local Charlestown artists at the Preble Room at the Navy Yard, during “Preservation Week”. During those 18 years, the event sponsored by the CPS was the only art related event, open to community artists, in Charlestown.

After the “Charlestown Artist Exhibition” in 1996, the Artists Group of Charlestown was founded by Wendy Withington and Joe Caruso, both Charlestown artists and included 6 other local artists, forming a group of 8.

The first exhibit was held at Chow Tai Restaurant (now Sweet Rice) that year. Later that year, studio space was found, “ARTeria” on Terminal Street, for 6 of these artists. The AGC held its first event, Open Studios at “ARTeria”, in December of 1996.

In 1997 the AGC planned its first fundraiser at Artisan’s, a local tea and coffee shop in Bunker Hill Mall where Ace hardware is, presently. The fundraiser was successful and the profits from this event made it possible to buy lights, build rolling panels and other materials needed for events held at “ARTeria” and gave the AGC some capital to develop “ART in the PARK” which had it’s debut in 1997.

“ARTeria” became too small for all the activity and in the spring of 2002 a space was found 523 Medford Street was found. “Savoring the Arts” fundraising campaign raised approximately $19,000, and allowed the Artists Group of Charlestown to “build-out” the 3000 sq. ft. space and develop 8 artists’ studios, which are independently rented by individual artist, and a 950 sq. ft. gallery named StoveFactory Gallery, located on the first floor of the building. During the last 10 years, the building, now know as the StoveFactory, expanded to the 2nd & 3rd floors and provides 16 addition artist studios.

The StoveFactory Gallery allows community organizations and individuals the opportunity to hold events and activities within a “creative space”. The events sponsored by the AGC are always open to the public and free of charge.

The Artists’ Group of Charlestown realizes our responsibility, to our community, to foster a venue for the visual arts at the StoveFactory Gallery.

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